These words get me up in the morning . . .

“Rochelle . . . set a bar that has yet to be reached by any freelance writer I've worked with since. Her talents in marketing shine through in all the content pieces she's produced for us—a surprisingly difficult [task]. Her work is thorough, timely, and consistently excellent, and I've been proud to publish it under our brand.”

- Nikki Hunter, Editorial Director,

“Rochelle was so helpful to my business launch. She named our business, got our website up and running and wrote some genius copy for it that has totally hit the mark. The business has taken off beyond all my hopes. Rochelle is a dynamite writer and listener who really understood our style and where we were hoping to go. She's also a blast to work with.”

- Laurie Eagle, Founder, Office Meet Yoga

"You are a JOY to work with, Rochelle. You have ignited in me something that's so good. I have [found] my words that have been stuck for so long."

- Jo Grobbelaar, Business Coach and founder of The Boardroom, a success system for women in leadership


“Rochelle is a pleasure to work with from the word go!  She dives right in to discover what you really need . . . and then makes it happen for you. A wordsmith and total craftsman, Rochelle can take anything you throw at her and spin it into golden prose. She makes the process of marketing and branding (which is not my favorite thing!) lighthearted and fun but seriously creates a brand voice that is uniquely you and communicates your message to connect with the masses. I cannot recommend Rochelle enough. In fact, I’m trying to keep her all to myself!”

 - Jen Wittman, Creator of Thyroid Loving Care and Mindful Mavericks


“Rochelle was wonderful to work with. She was present and thorough, as well as an excellent listener. She was really able to grasp my (MANY) concepts and fold them into one concise expression of my passion and business. Those who have known me personally a long time and have heard her 'script' for my 'about me' video have commented on how much she was able to really capture both me and my passion. She was really able to express it in a way that is both inviting and accessible for my clients. I can't say enough about Rochelle, her skills, and the spirit of her work. She even pointed me to some resources directly related to my work that I had not yet heard about. Truly remarkable. I can't wait to work with her again and can't recommend her highly enough!  Thank you so much Rochelle!”

- Molly McDonald, Founder, Body, Mind & Molly


"I worked with Rochelle for several years, so I can say from experience that she's the type of copywriter everyone loves to work with—not only does she clarify complex messages and connect with consumers on an emotional level, but she is a true pleasure to work with. She is collaborative, talented, organized, and a lot of fun, too. I appreciated her work ethic and smarts on every project."

- Sarah Pittenger, Marketing Consultant, Circa Now, Owner, Gros Ventre Cellars, former Director of Account Services at Loomis Group Marketing & Advertising


"I worked closely with Rochelle on many projects in our years together, and she was adept at creating compelling story lines that we would weave into our campaigns. Today, these storytelling skills are more important than ever to keep our customers engaged across devices, platforms, and along every step of their brand journeys."

- George Steeley, former Creative Director at Loomis Group Marketing & Advertising