Let’s un-muddle that marketing.

If you’re squeamish about The Online You these days—like you'd rather try on bikinis in bad lighting than share your url—I'm glad you're here.


You deserve to get it going on, online.

I can help you refresh what you have or begin at the beginning with my brand discovery process. I'm talking about guided business-soul-searching work that cracks open precisely what's unique about your offering and how you want to show up in your industry and the world.

I dream of team

I often hire and/or organize designers and programmers, unifying scattered talent into what can only be called a marketing-mojo-unicorn-vortex (in a really warm way). Despite the “I-ness” of this website, I rarely work alone. People who need people. That’s me.

Come to your office?

Yes, please. While RockPaperWord serves clients around the world, I live in Berkeley, CA and love to work on-site with great companies.

How I help businesses large and small

Bring me your tired, convoluted, outdated or just-not-quite-working marketing programs and behold. We'll bring zest and snap (in a proven-best-practices way, not just a sounds-cool way) to every element.

I’ll help you:

  • Build a creative dream team

  • Shape a message that reverbs big time with people who need you

  • Name your business, services and packages

  • Craft web copy that yanks your customers from their social media stupor

  • Chop bounce rates and get the clicks you deserve

  • Produce video scripts, tutorial copy or other online course stuff that doesn't sound like a mega-nerd-robot wrote it