Business fire stoker  

I'm Rochelle Torke, a senior copywriter, creative strategist and brand story weaver with over 15 years of in-house, agency and freelance experience.

My copy and creative direction are all about clarifying the complex, telling great business stories and igniting action—which shows up as strong clickthrough and opt-in rates and even the occasional marketing award.

Unlike other creatives you meet online . . .

I've actually worked as a professional writer for most of my adult life—first as a journalist and then as an in-house marketer, followed by six years as an advertising agency copywriter (yep, Peggy Olson-like).

In those years, I've mentored junior writers, named new businesses and written mucho website copy as well as print ads, articles and TV and radio commercials. 

THEN I left the agency and launched my own business

Through RockPaperWord, I’ve been able to work with with entrepreneurs and dream-chasers around the world—from Ireland to Malta. I thrive on de-tangling the word weeds so my clients can run the businesses of their dreams.

I also hire and lead designers and programmers, unifying scattered talent into what can only be called a marketing-mojo-unicorn-vortex (in a really warm way).


With an MFA in Creative Writing and a bachelor's in Psychology, I love that marketing melds my passions for word-smithing, design and pop culture.

When I'm not polishing a brand, I may be penning fiction or trying to make gluten-free pastry dough, with spiritual guidance from Tartine bakery in San Francisco. A girl can dream.

“I have so much gratitude for the concise and sweet clarity you helped me bring to the different elements of this program.”

- Molly McDonald, Creator of Touch a Day, a newborn and parent care program