Is your website winning hearts (and dollars) even while you sleep?  

Not so much? If you're feeling squeamish about The Online You these days—like you'd rather try on bikinis in bad lighting than pass along your url—I'm glad you're here.

Let's put some hard-working words on the screen.

You deserve to get it going on, online.

I can help you refresh what you have or begin at the beginning with my Brand Magic Starter Kit. I'm talking about business-soul-searching work that helps us crack into what's unique about your work, why your customers adore and need you and how you can set yourself up for online clarity, smarts and the professional fireworks you deserve.

Unlike other copywriters you meet online . . .

I've actually worked as a professional writer for over 15 years—first as a journalist and then as an advertising agency copywriter for years (yep, Peggy Olson-like).

In those years, I've named new businesses and written mucho website copy as well as print ads, articles and TV and radio commercials. 

There was also the time I earned an MFA in Creative Writing, evidence again that I love me some words—even when they're not marketing anything. 

I left the agency and launched my own business to work with entrepreneurs and dream-chasers around the world. I thrive on de-tangling the word weeds so they can run the businesses of their dreams.

I have so much gratitude for the concise and sweet clarity you helped me bring to the different elements of this program. Not only did it help me create the product of my dreams . . . but having your skill and presence on my team decreased my anxiety and increased my confidence enough to take the LEAP with what I want to put out into the world.
— Molly McDonald