Writing your own web copy can make you question your awesomeness. That stops here.


If you're a woman on a mission to launch or overhaul your business, I can help. As a copywriter, I connect smart businesses with the clients who will love them.

Consider me your personal brand overhauler and business fire-stoker.

RockPaperWord is me, ROCHELLE TORKE. A former advertising agency copywriter, I've helped hundreds of people put their businesses into words for over 15 years. From websites to sales funnels, my copy gets results for established brands and entrepreneurial clients alike. Here are some recent highlights:

  • Helped a start up grow from three to 17 employees in one year
  • Cut bounce rates in half after a strategic website overhaul
  • Named these awesome businesses: Metamora Designs, PathWise, This Great Life, To Feel Amazing, Office Meet Yoga, The Uplift Life

If you're just get started—as in, you've been naming your business in your head for weeks—or if 2012 called to say you left your website there, I'm your gal. Together, we'll create hardworking copy that has your clients yes-please-ing faster than you can say "opt in, baby."


Take me to your copy clog.

Your web, blog and sales page copy should make you sound like the thriving empire and warm human you are (to people who've never even met you). I'll help you do it and enjoy the copy-confidence you need to get it going on, online. Let's pop over to my portfolio for some examples.

Because you mean business.

English major? Excellent. I work with great wordsmiths all the time. Trouble is, they're already wearing too many hats and can't add the copywriter's regal headdress to the mix. That's why I'm here.

Photo by robbiverte/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by robbiverte/iStock / Getty Images