Got a case of self-promo slow-mo? Does writing your own web copy make you question your awesomeness? That stops here.


You've drafted some language for your website, blog or newsletter after weeks of procrastination (which is at least great for dental hygiene because when do you ever floss this regularly?).


(Yes, I'm using "but" as a sentence and a headline. We'll talk about that later.)

That copy just doesn't have the ring of truth, clarity and marketing mojo you know it should.

You've come to the right place. Here I am, your personal copy-whisperer, brand overhauler and business fire-stoker.

RockPaperWord is me, ROCHELLE TORKE. A former journalist, marketing agency copywriter and fiction writer, I've helped people get their ideas into words for over 15 years.

Whether you're at the very beginning—as in you don't even have a business name yet—or your website's trapped in 2012, I'm your gal. Together, we'll have your clients yes-please-ing faster than you can say "opt in, baby."


Take me to your copy clog.

Bringing your business to life takes pithy copy that makes you sound like the thriving empire and warm human you are (to people who've never even met you). I'll help you do it and enjoy the copy-confidence you need to get it going on, online. Let's pop over to my portfolio for some examples.

Because you mean business.

English major? Excellent. I actually work with plenty of great wordsmiths. Trouble is, they're already wearing too many hats and simply cannot add the copywriter's regal headdress (and it is fabulous, darling!) to the mix. That's where I come in.

Photo by robbiverte/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by robbiverte/iStock / Getty Images